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Naming Modules & Maintaining a Library

The leap to modular thinking pays off with modular galleries & libraries!

Xamarin Forms – Using the Camera and Photo Gallery

How to let users upload their photos into your app Giving your users the ability to upload their own photos into your app is pretty common and yet, can still be tough within Xamarin Forms. Anytime you need to access a camera or work with images (besides just showing one) you’ll need to implement it at […]

Snowmen, High Scores & APIs Oh My!

Willy Melt uses the WordPress REST API for your high scores. At Brown Bag Marketing our holiday mascot is Willy Melt. Each year we send out holiday cheer with his help. Lately our cheer has been more and more technical: from augmented reality to virtual reality. We were pleased to release a mobile game this […]

Shift to Build Systems, Not a collections of Pages

Designing websites is changing. Design a system that defines all pages and then it’s a matter of arranging modules per page.

The TCorner: Wireframing in the Browser

TCorner is a serialized blog post from our newest Labs member, Taylor Cornelius.  TCorn comes from a design background and these are his adventures on the development side of the fence. For the past few projects at Brown Bag Marketing we have taken a new approach to wireframing great experiences. In the past, our process […]