Creating Gradients in Xamarin Forms

How to Create a Gradient in Xamarin Forms By now you’ve probably found out that Xamarin Forms does not have any built in features for gradients. In order to achieve this you will need to create a custom render, which isn’t too bad. While searching through multiple blog posts it’s pretty easy to find a […]

Xamarin Forms Deep Linking

How to integrate Deep Linking with Xamarin Forms Chances are you already know what deep linking is and have already used it on a different platform. Unfortunately, there is not much out there on how to implement this in a Xamarin Forms app. This post is not to explain deep linking in great detail but merely […]

TCorner Flexes

TCorner is a serialized blog post from our newest Labs member, Taylor Cornelius.  TCorn comes from a design background and these are his adventures on the development side of the fence. In a recent codepen I experimented with flexbox, a fairly recent addition to css which solves the troubles of floating elements. The html was […]

Naming Modules & Maintaining a Library

The leap to modular thinking pays off with modular galleries & libraries!

Xamarin Forms – Using the Camera and Photo Gallery

How to let users upload their photos into your app Giving your users the ability to upload their own photos into your app is pretty common and yet, can still be tough within Xamarin Forms. Anytime you need to access a camera or work with images (besides just showing one) you’ll need to implement it at […]