The beta for iOS 9.3 was released on Tuesday, and there are a handful of new features being added.

Night Shift

This new feature uses your device’s clock and geolocation to figure out if the sun is setting at your location, and then adjusts your display so it uses warmer colors and puts less stress on your eyes. The idea behind this has been studied and the results have shown that bright blue light can actually make it harder for you to fall asleep. This technology is not new though, f.lux has already been doing this on Mac.


Apple is releasing new tools for teachers and classrooms. The Classroom App allows students to learn their material on their iPad while their teacher can guide them through material and monitor their progress.


The notes app is getting a few feature updates as well. You can now sort by date created, date modified, or alphabetically. You can also secure your notes with a password or your fingerprint.

Apple News

If you use the new Apple News app your in luck as it will load stories faster and provide better tailored stories.


The Health app is getting a refreshed UI that displays more data and helps you find 3rd party apps more easily.

Car Play

Updates to Car Play include the ability to find new music with Apple Music, and Map support to help you find nearby places such as parking, gas, or food.

Apple Watch Quick Switch

An update that was not promoted on Apple’s website but located instead in the release notes of the Xcode 7.3 beta, is the ability to pair multiple watches with an iPhone. The official notes state, “iOS 9.3 supports pairing iPhones with multiple watches running watchOS 2.2”.


Apple is adding a lot of improvements with this update, but the most important one is with Education. Apple has already secured their position in the public app world, and has been growing strong in the enterprise, but they are now taking a huge step into schools and education. Using their MDM solution, they are allowing a secure system for students to share iPads, which eliminates the need for every single student to have one. Teachers will have a greater level of insight on how the students are doing, and provide new opportunities for delivering their content.


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